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A Midsummer Night's Dream
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Presenting the Works of Edward de Vere

     Verus Publishing is devoted to presenting the most prominent and beloved works of world literature... Hamlet, The Tempest, Romeo and Juliet... properly ascribed to the only person who could reasonably be considered their author, Edward de Vere.
     Authoring great works of literature while at the same time seeking refuge from the fame, fortune and adulation that they will inevitably inspire naturally seems strange, almost incredible to most of us. However, reading these texts, we soon realize that these are works of a genius who possessed a sense of time and space that is far from the world in which most of us live. Here was a man who could fit oceans, nations and continents onto the tiny confines of an Elizabethan stage and the entire spectrum of human experience into an hour or two of the most complex and layered characterization and dialogue... and all with such wit, soul and humor that it 'passed' as the most wonderful entertainment. Of course this genius was in need of refuge from the bustle of the world... the time and space in which to create his works while another, more 'worldly' man was given the credit.
       What could be more natural?
       We are confident that, as you learn about the life of de Vere, you will come to realize, as we have, that this must be the man who, from the sanctum of his anonymity, wrote these fantastic texts. We present them here in the hope that new understanding will inspire a new reading of these works in appreciation of their true author...
                                                     ... the ever-living bard of Oxford.

Editorial: Edward de Vere and The Thousand Years War

Much Ado About Nothing
Julius Caesar

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